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Primary 6 have taken on their next challenge!

As part of our mi:Space project we will be carrying out a Robotics project.

We had a look at what lies ahead…..

Robotics 1 from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.

Today we took the next step….building our base drive! Our first robot…..how exciting!

We used ‘THINK-DO-TEST’ to help us work through the challenge:

-We had to think about our Task.
-then we got hands-on to build our robots….following the instructions carefully.
-then we tested our robots to see if we had met our challenge.

We used co-operative learning strategies we use in other lessons to ensure everyone had the chance to take part.

Robotics 2 from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.


After having some time to build our robots we were able to talk about the challenge, identify things that went well, think about things we might do differently and discuss our next steps.

We are looking forward to our next robotics challenge!

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