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P6 Skiing – Clothing & Kit Reminder

School Transport Arrangements

P1 and S1 pupils

Letters were sent in the post on 4 August confirming if your P1 or S1 child/young person qualifies for school transport and the arrangements. P1 and S1 pupils should take their letter to the school bus and show it to the driver on the first day of term. Their school will give them a bus pass in coming weeks. Indicative pick up times and the name of the bus company transporting your child will be available tomorrow (Tuesday) on the school’s website. if you were expecting a letter for your P1 or S1 child/young person and did not get one or you have misplaced your letter please email travelteam@midlothian.gov.uk.

P2-7 and S2-S6 pupils

Pupils in P2-7 and S2-S6 who previously qualified for school transport should go to the same stop and get on the same bus as per previous terms. Please use last year’s pass until a new one is issued. If you can’t find the pass, operators will still let your child/young person on the bus. Indicative pick up times and a reminder of the name of the bus company transporting your child/young person will be available tomorrow (Tuesday) on the school’s website.

Additional Support Needs pupils

The travel team is contacting parents and carers of children and young people with Additional Support Needs (ASN) directly about new arrangements. Otherwise the same arrangements will be in place as previous terms for returning ASN pupils.

Get in touch

If your child/young person has moved homes and their previous arrangements no longer suit please contact travelteam@midlothian.gov.uk who will be happy to help. Please also email the travel team with any other school transport queries.

P1 transition

School Closure Activities P1-7

Please find below the links to activities that can be used for home learning in the event of a school closure.

Early level is for most pupils in P1

First Level is for most pupils in P2-P4

Second Level is for most pupils in P5-7





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