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How are You doing?

Children’s Parliament is engaging children in conversations about their experience of Coronavirus and the lockdown and have now launched the May edition of their national wellbeing survey, ‘How are you doing’? – 4,000 children took part in April’s survey and they hope to exceed that in May. 

Please encourage your chid to complete this survey, which can be found by clicking link below;

Children’s Parliament – ‘How are You Doing’?

A short report on early findings from their April ‘How are you doing’? survey, along with the newly launched, ‘Corona Times Journal‘, can also be found via above link. – The ‘Corona Times Journal‘ will be published fortnightly, with Members of the Children’s Parliament (MCPs), reporting on life at the moment.


Information from Midlothian Council;

Reporting to Parents


Scottish Government guidance states that ‘ local authorities and schools will be planning how they communicate with parents and families about their child’s progress during Term 4 and many early learning practitioners will wish to share information on children’s development. This will require a different format to those that may have been taken before’.


If you have not already received a progress report for your child this session, you should expect, by the end of this term, to receive a revised, simplified version of the school’s usual format.


The report will focus on:

·         The child’s strengths and achievements

·         Their progress to date

·         Their next steps in literacy and numeracy

If you have any questions about your child’s progress, please contact the school direct.

Non-Screen Activities

Indoor Activities

Guidance for parents and carers in the event of school closure due to Coronavirus

COVID19 advice for supporting children and young people

MPS – COVID-19 Parent-Carer Home Learning Information – 19March2020

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