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We were delighted to receive our ‘Big Cheque’ from Tesco Bank this morning. Their support has been crucial in helping us to fund our breakfast club.

P5 Looking for Angles

P5 used technology to record angles they found around school during one of their maths lessons.

Garry & Blair from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.

Leon, Keiran and James from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.

Chloe, Keighley and Poppy from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.

Finn & Orlaith from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.

Demi & Casey from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.

Brooke, Jodie & Zara from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.

Teegan, Megan and Isla from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.

Kenneth & Jack from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.

We had fun learning about the particles in solids, liquids and gases.

We became particles to demonstrate the what its like to be in a solid, liquid and gas.


We learned that the particles in a solid are packed closely together. There is very little space between the particles.

In a liquid there is a little space for the particles to move around. A liquid takes the shape of it’s container.

The particles in gases have lots of room to freely move around!

Finlay shared what he had learned about particles….take a look at his video!

Finlay and Bronte become particles! from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.

P5 had fun in French

Today we learned more body parts in French.


and we learned a song!

Fun in French ! from MAYFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL on Vimeo.

Thank you Ann!

P5 start to look at mindsets


If someone asked you to walk over this bridge how would you feel?

Primary 5 thought hard…..

They used Puppet Pals App to show how they felt.

The Bridge by James, Megan , Keighley and Garry

The Bridge by Logan

Mystery Bridge by Jodie and Poppy

The Bridge by Billy, Blair and Kimberly

The Bridge by Teegan, John and Kenneth

The Bridge by Orlaith, Keiran and James

The Bridge by Leon, Chloe and Brooke

The Bridge by Demi, Finlay, Zara and Casey

We are learning about mindset and how to use this in our learning.

P5 assessed their own learning of FRACTIONS


In P5 we have been learning fractions in maths.  We went on a journey through the outcomes of fractions and assessed our own learning and understanding.



Mathematical Monday Morning…..p5 accepted the challenge! Will you?

Give our challenges a go!

Let us know how you get on!




P5’s Spooky Story Openers

Spooky House


When you look at this photo what do you think? What do you see? What might you hear? How would you feel?

P5 had fun answering questions like these and they used their ideas to write their ‘Spooky Story Openers’ :

John’s Spooky Story Opener

Poppy’s Spooky Story Opener

Casey’s Spooky Story Opener

James’ Spooky Story Opener

Blair’s Spooky Story Opener

Jodie’s Spooky Story Opener

The day Jodie met The Queen

On Wednesday 9th September 2015 The Queen visited Newtongrange to open the new Borders Railway.

Jodie tells us about the day she met The Queen.




We are learning about the Victorians.  We visited New Lanark World Heritage Site.

We got to see how the Victorian families lived at New Lanark Mill.  The Victorian children who lived in cities had to work from a very young age.  They worked down mines, swept chimneys and picked up horse poo from the roads.

We found out that Victorian life at New Lanark was very different for children and their families.

We had a fun day learning at New Lanark.


The New Lanark Schoolroom



The Mill Workers Houses


Robert Owen’s House



The Village Shop

We had a great time at New Lanark!


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