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P1 Newsletter – Term 2 – 2019

P1-2 Newsletter – Term 2 – 2019

P2 Newsletter – Term 2 – 2019

P2-3 Newsletter – Term 2 – 2019

P3 Newsletter – Term 2 – 2019

P4D Newsletter – Term 2- 2019

P4J Newsletter – Term 2- 2019

P5H Newsletter – Term 2 – 2019

P5T Newsletter – Term 2 – 2019

P6G Newsletter – Term 2 – 2019

P6J Newsletter – Term 2 – 2019

P7 Newsletter – Term 2 – 2019

SLC Newsletter – Term 2 – 2019



Education Appeal Committee Panel – Parent Representative – 21October2019

Class Newsletters – Term 1

P1 Newsletter – Term 1

P1-2 Newsletter – Term 1

P2 Newsletter – Term 1

P2-3 Newsletter – Term 1

P3 Newsletter – Term 1

P4D Newsletter – Term 1

P4J Newsletter – Term 1

P5A Newsletter – Term 1

P5T Newsletter – Term 1

P6G Newsletter – Term 1

P6J Newsletter – Term 1

P7 Newsletter – Term 1

SLC Newsletter – Term 1

Newsletter – December 2018

Newsletter – December 2018

We were delighted to receive our ‘Big Cheque’ from Tesco Bank this morning. Their support has been crucial in helping us to fund our breakfast club.

Over the past few years, Mayfield PS have served as a collection point for the recycling of used Tassimo/LO’R coffee pods, capsules and outer wrappers .  This recycling scheme along with other items has helped in raising funds for our school.  Since we began recycling, we have raised £703 (as at August 2017).

Unfortunately the recycling organisation, TerraCycle, have recently made changes to their storage/collection requirements, and we as a school, are unable to accommodate such requirements therefore we are no longer able to serve as a collection point as from end of October 2017.

We had approached another organisation within our community, to ask that they may be able to serve as a new collection point on behalf of Mayfield PS, however this was not feasible.

Can we please ask that anyone who may have pods/wrappers piling up at home, hand them into school prior to Friday 14th October, to allow sufficient time for bulk collection to be arranged, prior to cut off date.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have supported us over the years in donating their used coffee pods and remind of other items that we still currently recycle through this scheme.

Items currently recycled are:
– any  brand of spray deodorant cans
– biscuit wrappers: any brand, outer packaging and individual wrappers
– Pens: any types, felt tips, bingo dabbers, highlighters, gel pens

Please continue to support us by sending any of the above items into school.


Mayfield PS Pupils, Staff & Community


Dear Parent / Carers,

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of Mayfield’s ACE (A Curriculum Evening) on Wednesday 13th September 2017.

This will take the form of a presentation by the class teachers in each year group; followed by the chance to see the classrooms and meet the teachers.

There will be two identical presentations; the first at 4.30pm; the second at 5pm.  This will give you the chance to visit more than one classroom, should you need to.

Tea and coffee will be available for a small donation.

Will look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

P1 Timetable – Lunch Options

Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th August –

All P1 Children will attend – 9.15am – 11.30am


Friday 24th August –

All P1 Children will attend – 8.50am – 12.05pm


Monday 28th August – Friday 1st September

All P1 Children will attend – 8.50am – 12.05pm


Monday 4th September onwards:

All Children will attend – 8.50am – 3.20pm – Monday-Thursday

All Children will attend – 8.50am – 12.05pm – Friday


P1 Lunch Options

All P1 pupils will be issued with a packed lunch to take home with them each day, from Wednesday 23rd August – Friday 1st September 2017.

Monday 4th September onwards, pupils can either choose to have a school meal from the dining hall or bring their own packed lunch from home Mon-Thurs, and packed lunches will be sent home on Fridays with pupils whose Parents/Carers have requested these.

Should you wish to order packed lunches for school trips/Fridays and haven’t already done so, please complete tear-off slip on letter previously issued and return to school office by Monday 28th August 2017.

Copy of letter below;


Staffing Structure 2017/2018


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