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Dear All,

We are hopeful that our school will be open in the morning but we would urge everyone to plan their safest route to school.

The roads immediately surrounding the campus have been cleared but only a single track width, so on street parking is not an option. Residents cars are still stuck as some haven’t dug them out yet and may not use them tomorrow, so please walk to school wherever possible, or park further away than usual and walk the rest of the way.

The staff know this as well as there is limited parking for them in the car park.

The breakfast club will be open in the morning so if you set off early and arrive sharp then feel free to join us.

We will all be entering through the front entrance tomorrow so just arrive in time for the bell unless you want your child at the breakfast club.

We’re not sure yet if we will be letting the children out in the snow during break & lunch so please ensure they are wrapped up warm and have appropriate footwear as well as a spare pair of socks with them.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs C Inglis-Akers


Updated – Sunday 4th March 2018 @ 2.35pm

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