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P6 are taking part in Midlothian’s Mi:Space Project.

We will be developing our classroom into a modern space to enhance our learning environment. We will be given the chance to change furniture, furnishings and try new equipment.

We have been trying different learning zones in our current classroom to give us some ideas and let us see our classroom doesn’t have to be the traditional space it has been known for so long.

Take a look at our video we made using green screen technology and iMovie.

2 Responses to “P6 are trying out different learning zones in their classroom!”

  1. Mrs Sinclair says:

    As Miss Burt said, it can be quite scary to try things out but P6 have shown that they know more about their learning environment. Thinking about space and thinking about what works for each other shows how responsible P6 pupils are in Mayfield!
    Loved your video and how good are you with using the green screen? Would you be able to teach me too?

  2. Mrs MacFarlane says:

    P6, you have shown how you are taking huge responsibility for your learning by considering what space and situation helps maximise your opportunity to learn. I have been extremely impressed when I have visited your classroom with that way you are all on task….wherever you are! Great video, too!

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